Comprehensive Plans CSIP/CDIP

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Comprehensive District Improvement Plan 2021-2022
Comprehensive School Improvement Plan 2021-2022

Continuous Improvement for District 2021-2022
Continuous Improvement for Schools 2021-2022


Continuation of Learning Plan for Districts 2021-2022

District Assurances 2021-2022
District Safety Report 2021-2022

Executive Summary for Districts 2021-2022
Executive Summary for Schools 2021-2022

Lau Plan (English Learner Plan for Districts) 2022-2023

Needs Assessment for District 2021-2022
Needs Assessment for Schools 2021-2022

Professional Development Plan for Districts 2021-2022
Professional Development Plan for Schools 2021-2022

School Assurances 2021-2022
School Safety Report 2021-2022

CDIP Strategic Goals
CSIP Strategic Goals
CSIP Closing the Gap
Closing the Gap
CSIP Measurable Gap Goal
Achievement Gap Group Identification
Improvement Diagnostic
Improvement Plan
Title I Review


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